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No matter how the down jacket looks good in winter

PUBLISH TIME: 2020-07-21

  Fashion is not a form, but an attitude.

  In winter, it is recommended that you open your clothes to reveal how many clothes you wear, so that you won’t get bloated. Since the clothes are slim when opened, what you wear inside is important. Next, we will learn from fashionistas to create a complete strategy for winter. Whether it is a down jacket or a jacket, we can easily wear our own beauty.

womens long down coat

  Dark clothes are the mainstream in winter. When we match a dark coat, the interior is best to choose bright colors. Otherwise, it is a dark visual effect, which will appear very dull. Bright interiors will lighten up the overall wear and tear, break the dullness of dark colors, and gain something for matching.

  If the interior is not exposed, it will look bloated if you only wear a jacket, but if the interior is exposed, the sense of hierarchy will be easily highlighted, which is simply a slimming artifact. The light-colored jacket is matched with a black vest, revealing the vest cap, which is more age-reducing and playful. Moreover, if the weather suddenly becomes cold, the hat can keep warm and cold.

  The way that supermodels wear down jackets is to wear down jackets with slanted shoulders, with a personality style inside. Pulling the top down to reveal the small fragrant shoulders is very fashionable, but the premise is to have a good figure, otherwise the exposed shoulders are thick and ugly.

  Stars all know that wearing layered clothes is not fat, especially when the outer down jacket is very thick, it should be worn open, and the inner clothes should be as thin as possible, so as not to give people a feeling of wearing a lot. There are many interior styles, and you need to pay attention to what kind of jacket matches what kind of interior. Next, Huarui Clothing will show you how to choose an elegant and slim interior.

down jacket women

  Turtleneck sweaters are very popular in winter as an important interior for keeping warm and cold, but due to different styles, the degree of thinness is also different.

  A tight-fitting black turtleneck sweater is placed inside the    woolen coat, which can modify the figure without showing bloatedness. People with big faces and short necks can choose a high-neck length that covers a little face to easily cover their shortcomings. It is best to have a gradual color scale for the matching of dark and dark colors, so as to create a sense of hierarchy and look more fashionable.

  Khaki coat can also be matched with a black high collar. Half-high collar is more suitable for people with short necks. Exposed part of the neck can play a good decorative role. If you are wearing a tight-fitting sweater, it is recommended to wear the pants or skirt below, make a high waistline, and lengthen the body proportion to show the leg length.

  Sleeveless sweaters are more difficult to control. If it is not a good-looking arm line, try not to choose it. A light-colored sleeveless sweater with a sleeveless jacket can also create a sense of winter fairy air, small and fresh.

  Girls with wide shoulders should decisively abandon sleeveless sweaters, especially if they magnify their shortcomings, and add light colors to them, they will turn into a raging waist.

  sleeveless down jacket is unique, but there is a risk of increasing shoulder width. Girls with shoulder widths are best to choose dark colors.

  vest is the most casual and versatile item. Wear a vest to reduce your age by one second. The hooded vest keeps you warm, and the hat is exposed and full of energy.

  Hooded vests are older than ordinary vests. Put a red vest inside the black jacket to light up the overall match at once, making the black look less monotonous and the red very white. In addition, red is warm and festive, giving a strong sense of intimacy.

  The white down jacket wears a gray vest. Grey all-match, black, white and grey match classic fashion. Wearing white on the outside makes the whole shirt more eye-catching, and gray and black are used as auxiliary colors and color balance.

  When choosing down jackets, we can choose some creative colors, but we must always use dark colors, otherwise the eyes that are too bright may appear weighty. The dark purple down jacket is very temperamental, it is also white, dark purple and white, the color collision is perfect, smart and girly.

  Try not to choose a too loose inner vest, otherwise wearing a jacket will increase the bloated feeling, and choosing a hooded vest will be more fashionable.

  Small girls can choose to match a short down jacket, revealing the hem of the vest can also create a sense of hierarchy, very fashionable, and can also show legs to help rise.

  skirts can be worn all year round, but the matching jacket still needs to be carefully selected and matched.

  The purple jacket girl is full of heart, but if you want to enhance the sense of maturity, you can match it with a V-neck black dress. The collision of purple and black is very fresh and has a sense of maturity. It is very fashionable. Choosing a V-neck for the skirt can lengthen the neckline, show a small face, and reduce the bloated feeling of the down jacket.

  pleated skirt is smart and cute. The light-colored down jacket has a pink pleated skirt, which is full of heart. We can only reveal the hem of the pleated skirt. Walking lightly and very young. The suspender skirt is also very distinctive. It is best to open the coat with suspenders in the down jacket to show its characteristics and make it more attractive. It is best to choose a V-neck for a suspender skirt to lengthen the neck line, and add a half-high collar inside to show the neck length.

  sweater knit skirt is also very popular in winter. The knitted skirt has a twist and thread style. Under normal circumstances, the thread will be relatively thin. Twist knitting styles may appear to be partial without good temperament support. A khaki coat over the knitted skirt is gentle and warm.

  For the inner skirt, try to choose a style with a strong pendant sense to create a fresh and elegant feeling and reduce the heavy feeling of the top.

  It is best not to vary too much from the color of the skirt to the color of the top. The progressive color difference is the best, so as to create a one-piece outfit.

  dressing and folding are more suitable for really cold weather. Folding does require the upper body to bear enough, otherwise it will become a raging waist in minutes.

  A khaki plaid suit is very intellectual and gentle, but it is impossible to wear such a thin suit alone in winter, so you can only put on a long black coat outside, and unbutton the clothes on the inside suit as much as possible, which is more casual. Black and khaki are also suitable for matching together.

  Light-colored large lapel top with fresh blue jeans. It looks very energetic and cold outside. When the indoor temperature rises and the jacket is taken off, it still maintains a sense of fashion. Loose large lapel jackets do not show a heavy feeling, so clothes with little inner wear do not show fat.

  Vertical striped shirts can lengthen the body proportion vertically, making our upper body look very slim. It is helpful to use this method when folding and wearing, so that all eyes are on the stripes. The shirt's neckline opens, revealing the black inside, and the progressive folding method is fashionable and slim.

  The black leather coat is cool and handsome, and the leather coat is an artifact of meat wrapping. It looks sharp and cold to wear. If you want to keep your leather jacket handsome, you must match it with a black down jacket. The down jacket is draped over the body to create a sense of big brother with full aura.

down jacket women

  Folding is mainly popular in areas where the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so at this time, the inner wear is more important than the outer jacket. Everything has to be built inside and then matched with a jacket.

  Winter, no matter the coat or down jacket, you can easily wear your own beauty. Interior design is a knowledge, mastering it will make you fashionable and refined in winter, and it will not be bloated to wear casually.

  Okay, that's it for this issue. This is the news channel of Huarui Apparel. It’s up to me to see fashion. See you next time.

14 Aug, 2020


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17 Aug, 2020


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