How to wash off the mildew on the down jacket

What to do if the mildew spots on the down jacket are always not clean

Date: 04 08-2020

  The mildew spots on the down jacket are always not clean? That's because you haven't used this laundry detergent...

  Down jackets have been placed for a long time, and when they are taken out again, they will have some musty smell, and some have already produced mildew spots. It would be wasteful to throw these down jackets directly. Therefore, it is best to take some measures to remove the mildew spots. Next, Huarui Garment Company will come to the mold spot with what kind of washing to wash it off,Ordinary laundry detergent on the market cannot completely remove stains, and the bacteria on a down jacket is as large as 4 million. We are in contact with millions of bacteria every day. When a lot of down jackets are thrown into the washing machine, they can’t be washed clean. I feel scared!

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  After listening, don’t worry, there is a little life trick that I can teach you:

  It is to add a mildew-removing detergent to the laundry detergent. This method can effectively remove the 6 major fungi that cause a variety of diseases, so that you and your family can avoid the nuisance of various bacteria.

  This clothing sterilization liquid is specially designed for clothing. It is suitable for a variety of fabrics. It is gentle and non-irritating, and it is not easy to damage clothing and skin. It can also be directly touched by hands. It can be used with confidence like underwear. Its water-soluble formula can penetrate deep into the fiber and effectively remove a variety of harmful bacteria that adhere to the fabric, such as Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. The sterilization effect is as high as 99.9%. With Dettol clothing sterilization liquid, different types of down jackets can be mixed and washed together when washing down jackets, saving time and effort.

  When washing clothes, the best way to deal with it is to take 1 bottle of sterilizing liquid + 2L of water, soak it for 15 minutes, and perform regular washing.

  If you want to be lazy, use 2 caps of sterilizing liquid + laundry detergent, and pour it into the washing machine directly.

  Compared with many disinfectants on the market, Qumei Cleaner is added with natural pine oil, which is natural and safe, and will have a pine fragrance when used, which can effectively remove peculiar smells and is gentle and non-irritating.

  In addition, the sterilization liquid also has a water-soluble formula, which dissolves quickly in water, is easy to rinse and clear, and can fully remove harmful substances.

  mildew-removing detergent cleaning particles, the principle of decontamination mainly relies on edible enzymes, and Europe's top oxygen cleaning technology, it can penetrate into the fiber, decompose the stains of large molecules into small molecules, and then break them one by one. Soaking for 5 minutes is equivalent to rubbing hundreds of times with your hands, so as long as you soak, the clothes will automatically become clean! The whole reaction finally only produces soda, water and oxygen, which is very environmentally friendly and healthy. The cleaning particles also contain a water softener and a low-temperature activator, which can ensure that the enzyme can also exert a strong decontamination ability under the condition of hard water and low water temperature.Related Reading:more products


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