wash down jackets at home

How to wash down jackets at home

Date: 14 08-2020

  How to wash down jackets at home?

  The weather is getting colder gradually. Everyone is wearing thick cotton or down jackets. We know that down jackets are big and thick, so it is not easy to clean them. Some people may choose to wash him directly with a washing machine, but this method is not recommended.

down jackets

  People who know a little bit know that if you often use a machine to clean it, the down inside is very easy to agglomerate. Once it is agglomerated, the warmth retention performance will immediately decrease, so how should we clean it? Now Hua Rui will teach you how to clean down jackets.

  First of all, if it is only partially dirty. We can clean only these parts, such as its collar or cuffs. To clean them, you can squeeze some toothpaste on them, or use a softer cleaning solution at home. After applying these, use a harder toothbrush to scrub them, and finally use a clean cloth to clean them. Clean, it will take a long time to be cleaned.

  In addition, we can also buy some special cleaning liquid to wash it and spray it directly on it, and then wipe it with a wet towel. It is easy to clean it, and the effect is very good.

  If we want to clean the whole piece, it is best to wash it by hand. We can put it in a larger basin, and then add some warm water to it, pour some laundry detergent, and then stir to soak it After ten minutes, we used a softer brush to continuously scrub the dirty areas.

  After brushing it clean, we wrung it dry along the lines of the down jacket, so as to prevent the down jacket from clumping and reducing its warmth retention. So everyone must not twist it hard, and twist it into a twist. This is a very wrong method.

  how to wash down jacket at home?

  You can also use foam dry cleaning agent for down jackets. If you use this foam dry cleaning agent, you don’t need to wash it or send it to a dry cleaner. It can remove the annoying stains on the down jacket. Even on a white down jacket, such a large pool of stains can be easily removed, restoring whiteness as new.


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