clean a down jacket

can you dry clean a down jacket

Date: 25 08-2020

  can you dry clean a down jacket?

  Recently, a woman sent her down jacket to a dry cleaner for washing, and she was dumbfounded when she picked it up, but the shopkeeper said: "I don't have a bad idea when I send it."

down jacket

  Some time ago, Ms. Zhou sent a down jacket to the dry cleaners for cleaning, but after the washing, she found that the clothes had completely changed, so she wanted to ask the dry cleaners for compensation. As a result, the other party’s statement made Ms. Zhou even more angry!

  "This is a photo taken before the clothes were sent. Now that they have been washed, the fabric texture has changed and it has shrunk severely." Ms. Zhou told reporters that the clothes were washed in the store for the second time. Good clothes, the other party will check the washing label for damage.

  This time, Ms. Zhou came to the store to pick up the clothes. The clerk said that the other clothes had been washed, and only the down jacket had not been washed. As a result, the clerk opened a separate order, and when Ms. Zhou came to pick up the clothes again, she found that the clothes were completely changed. "The light gray became dark gray, the fabric became sanded, and the collar was particularly wrinkled."

  At first, Ms. Zhou didn't dare to recognize it. The clerk carefully confirmed the number and said it was indeed Ms. Zhou's clothes. Later, Ms. Zhou sent the photo of the previous clothes to the person in charge of the dry cleaner. “When he first saw it, he asked me if it was a piece of clothing. Later, he changed his words and said that I was not sure if I washed it elsewhere and took it. Here comes him."

  Ms. Zhou couldn’t accept this attitude from the store. If the clothes were broken when they were delivered, why didn’t the clerk find it when they checked it? Faced with this question, the clerk expressed embarrassment. After that, the store expressed willingness to compensate Ms. Zhou for the 800 yuan recharge card, but was refused.

  It is understood that this down jacket was bought in the UK, and it cost more than 4,000 yuan at the time. Now I don’t want to let the store pay the original price, but it cannot be less than 3,000 yuan. "I haven't worn this dress several times. I have to pay me 3,000 yuan and refund the balance of my recharge in the store." Ms. Zhou expressed her appeal.

  Later, the reporter accompanied Ms. Zhou to the dry cleaner to understand the situation. The clerk told the reporter that the clothes were collected by her. In her opinion, there is not much difference between the clothes after washing and when they were received. "I looked at it and it shrank a little after washing, but it is up to a dedicated master to decide whether it is dry cleaning or machine washing."

  By phone, the reporter contacted the manager of the dry cleaner Liu. The other party said that Ms. Zhou’s clothes were not damaged. It was like this when they were sent. “Her photo was a few months ago. It's the same in the photo." The store manager Liu said that Ms. Zhou must show evidence for compensation, and she will not be inexplicable.

  Regarding this matter, the reporter also consulted a lawyer. The lawyer believed that the store was obliged to inspect the clothes when the customer sent it to the store, and could not shirk responsibility. In addition, the lawyer suggested that the consumer and the merchant negotiate and mediate in accordance with the Consumers Association method.

  Therefore, it is best to do the dry cleaning at home when the down jacket is dirty. Although it is a little tired, it is safe.


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