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how to choose a down jacket

Date: 25 08-2020

  how to choose a down jacket?

  Winter is the season when down jackets are popular. For most female friends, the ideal down jacket is not only a good product to keep warm in winter, but also a must-have to show your style on the street.

  So, how to make a heavy down jacket warm but not mediocre? The matching and selection of down jackets will be the top priority, let us see how the stars match!

down jacket

  1. Star down jacket recommendation

  1. Fluorescent green short down jacket + butterfly flower skirt + black patent leather boots

  The appearance of South Korean pop star Hyuna has always attracted much attention. Her collocation represents a young and energetic fashion, with young people and a bold and bold spirit.

  She chose a very eye-catching green down jacket, and she also wore a pair of black patent leather boots to highlight her leg length and fashion. If you want to be the coolest girl in winter, this outfit will be your best choice

  2. Orange short down jacket + dark blue hoodie + black tights

  The length of Guan Xiaotong is, let us see what kind of matching she will make in winter. She also chose a short down jacket, an orange down jacket with a dark blue hooded sweater, which is both versatile and fashionable.

  Paired with a pair of black skinny jeans, it seems that the whole person is very slender, charming and full of youthful taste. This is a very good choice in the winter after 90s and 00s. The overall match is not only eye-catching, but also versatile, satisfying daily wear demand.

  3. Silver bright color down jacket + gray long sweater + light pink old shoes

  The hot and bright down jacket is the most eye-catching choice in winter. Qi Wei's short silver and bright down jacket with gray sweater not only pays attention to keeping warm, but also makes the whole person look very petite.

  Pairing with a pair of light pink daddy shoes can not only enhance the effect, but also look very cute. Although Qi Wei is a representative of mature women, she also shows her very fashionable and youthful vitality in these shoes. If you want to change you You can learn Qi Wei match.

  4. White short down jacket + white sweater bottoming shirt + white pants

  It can be said that Wu Xuanyi is the representative of the goddess level. The white color is very prominent. She chose a white dress in winter.

  If your skin is white enough and you are slim enough, choosing a white suit in winter will make your entire temperament reach the state of a goddess.

  White should be the most standard goddess color. White will highlight your overall temperament in winter and be more charming. If you choose white, then you are the most dazzling Snow White in winter.

  5. Purple long down jacket + white sweater lining + black boots

  Having seen so many short down jackets, let’s take a look at how supermodel He Sui wears long down jackets? The long down jacket can be said to be the most suitable for the height of the down jacket.

  Tall down jackets are necessary for girls. Although the long purple down jacket is very low-key, it can bring out the height of the whole person, and it will also attract people with extra fineness. After all, the benefits of long legs are irresistible.

  If your legs are very long, you must choose a long down jacket in winter, with a pair of short boots, you will become the most beautiful goddess in winter.

  6. White long down jacket + black long sweater + black high heel boots

  If you are not very tall, then a long down jacket can also be your choice, so how to match it? So you need a pair of high heel boots to match.

  If you use high-heeled boots to make up for the lack of height, you can also use a long down jacket to highlight your height. This white long down jacket and a black long sweater match up to show the gentleness of a woman.

  Maybe you won't be the brightest in winter, but you must be the softest in winter. White also highlights your beauty.

  Two, matching skills

  1. Matching hint 1:

  In our daily collocation, if you want fresh and beautiful, you can choose white as our main color. Color matching is very important, it is related to our overall coordination.

  As a very versatile color, white is deeply loved by people. We can match white and other colors on the whole body to make the whole look more harmonious and orderly.

  The combination of white and warm yellow will make people look lively and youthful.

  2. Matching hint 2:

  When we wear a down jacket of medium length, we can choose a longer one. Through the above introduction, we can see that this long down jacket is very tall.

  When we choose to wear it inside, we can choose a longer one to decorate the whole body. Of course, we can also choose some underwear like jeans, which may be more convenient to move.

  It should be noted that the inner layer we choose should match the coating, which means that the inner layer must be consistent with the color of the coating, that is to say, the inner layer must be consistent with the pattern of the coating.

  3. Matching hint 3:

  When choosing shoes, we should also pay attention to the matching with the overall clothing. When we choose bright down jackets, we can choose some more outstanding shoes, such as patent leather Martin boots, which will make our personality very vivid and show cool colors.

  For example, if we choose a down jacket with a soft color, we should try to choose some light-colored or colored shoes when choosing shoes, which will strengthen the soft color of our body. At this time, if you choose patent leather Martin boots, it will give people a very mixed feeling.

  in conclusion:

  2000 people have 2000 combinations, just like 2000 people have 2000 Hamlet in their hearts.

  Everyone has their own unique opinions on clothing. On this basis, we can consider our personal advantages more so that we can give full play to our advantages. Everyone has their own shining points. In the process of dressing, We can control our own shining points.

  We can create our own shining points in the process of wearing, and embellish our personality through some elements. We can also make ourselves look more refined through some modifications, so as to present the best to everyone and ourselves.

  If you want to know more about "how to choose a down jacket", you can contact us, thank you.


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