What brand of down jacket keeps warm women

which brand down jacket warm women

Date: 07 09-2020

  In the past few days, the temperature has dropped by ten degrees, and the cold air ran up without saying hello, which caught me off guard! Looking through the closet, I really don’t know how I came here last winter, why didn’t I have any clothes to wear! Then you have to buy clothes again. The thousands of choices still feel that Huarui down jackets are the most warm. After all, Huarui's down jackets are not only warm, but also particularly fashionable. Moreover, the clothes styles of this brand are simple yet individual, reflecting a different dressing style.

down jacket women

  The clothes are what I imagined, and the first feeling it gives me is particularly good. The use of fabrics and the handling of details are all in place. Black and white collocation is the classic collocation of this brand. Unique materials are added to the combination of black and white to create a different vision, make self-confidence a little bit playful, and take you into a new modern fashion circle.

  The pure black zipper with a little playfulness on the clothes is very textured, moving up and down very freely, smooth and durable. The matching white clothes look confident and intuitive. The position of the 4-row car line is very precise and smooth, and it can be seen that the workmanship is very meticulous. The pocket design on both sides is practical and convenient. There is a small pocket with zipper on the sleeve, and you can also put small things, which is both beautiful and practical.

  The clothes are made of 100% polyester fiber fabric. This kind of fabric has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and has high strength and elastic recovery ability. This makes the clothes look particularly textured and more comfortable to wear. type. The cuffs adopt invisible elastic closing design, which can not only keep warm and airtight, but also increase the trend of clothes.

  After putting on the clothes, the body temperature can be locked instantly, which is very warm. The unique sleeve design highlights the uniqueness of the clothing. The clear contour shape, versatile and trendy, the bottom hem has a natural arc to lengthen the body shape.

  The loose big hat widened design, not only very warm, but also windproof and face protection, very practical, hiding in the hat can not feel the feeling of the wind outside, perfect.

  Due to the high quality of the fabric, not only the clothes have good anti-wrinkle shape retention properties but also good wind and water resistance. I splashed some water on the clothes, and I could see that the water has been showing the form of water droplets on the surface of the clothes, and it has not penetrated at all, and with a light tap, the clothes are still dry and clean without any water residue.

  Wear the hat to keep it warm. After you take it off, the collar will turn into a unique big collar. The velcro of the hat is not only practical, but also good as a decorative embellishment with unique characteristics. The black sweater is beautiful and super ins.

  Advantages: The design of the clothes is relatively new, eliminating the shortcomings of traditional down jackets that have no sense of design. The classic black and white color collocation creates a modern look that combines strong and feminine. The selection of fabrics, workmanship and cuff closures are all delicate and delicate.

  Disadvantages: If there are any disadvantages, I think this fabric absorbs dust and fibers, but it can be patted off with just a few shots, so this aspect is completely acceptable.

  If you want to know more about Huarui down jackets, you can contact us, thank you.


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