The warmest down jacket for women

what is the warmest down jacket for women

Date: 07 09-2020

  In the harsh winter, if you want to keep warm and not look bloated, that mid-length down jacket must be an indispensable plus choice, it can save you from having to wear another layer. Many pieces of clothing are stacked to keep you warm. Only one piece can protect you from the wind and keep you warm from head to toe. Adding a sweater inside is enough to easily cope with the winter in Jiangnan. The down jacket that I was fortunate to try this time belongs to such a fashionable waist mid-length down jacket. It has a unique design style, simple and smooth lines, bright and elegant colors, with exquisite tailoring, elegant and fashionable, and detachable. The thickened raccoon fur collar is good-looking and warm in autumn and winter; the hooded style can prevent the invasion of cold wind and increase the beauty; 90% high-quality white duck down filling, the overall light and fluffy, soft and warm, With high-density windproof fabric and high-density lining, the double-layer inner liner locks down and does not drill hair, soft and delicate, comfortable and breathable to wear. This model is available in 2 colors. In this trial, I chose a refreshing and gentle milk tea color. You can easily match a sweater to show the beauty of winter, so that this winter will no longer be bloated and cold!

womens long down coat

  The simple and fashionable waistline design does not need to deliberately tighten the waist. Just a light waistline can perfectly outline the overall body proportion of the whole person; and the two drawstrings of the same color in the waistline can be based on You can easily adjust the width of the down jacket by shrinking it according to your own preferences.

  This zipper + buckle design is very effective in cold winter applications. It not only guarantees the double protection of the warmth of the down coat, but also has a prominent sense of fashion; the use of two-way zipper allows the down jacket to be opened freely both up and down , During strenuous exercise, squatting into a seat or riding a bicycle, you can easily pull it away from the bottom up, so that your activities are not restricted.

  The small pockets inserted diagonally on both sides are equipped with invisible zippers on the outside. When not in use, the pocket zippers can be pulled up to perfectly hide the pockets in the diamond striped flowers of the down jacket; the inner lining is made of velvet fabric, which allows you to reach out in winter Go in, there is no longer the feeling of freezing hands, more comfortable and warm, it is very convenient, practical and very user-friendly design.

  Normally, the hat can be placed at the back, which has obvious decorative effect. When the wind is strong, you can wear a hood to wrap yourself tightly. A large fur collar around the face makes people feel particularly warm and warm.

  down jacket is made of high-density windproof fabric, bright and bright color, smooth feel, exquisite cutting and sewing, neat stitching, high-density lining, double-layer inner liner, no fleece, comfortable and breathable. On a good day like this, you can wear it like a windbreaker, and don’t have the cool taste of being chic and windy.

  The high-end and fashionable raccoon fur collar is a very popular fashion element in winter in recent years. It looks elegant and warm; the raccoon fur collar can be disassembled at will, and can be matched in autumn and winter. The fur collar feels soft and smooth. Smooth and close to the skin, it is the best choice for people who are trendy and cold-resistant.

  The design of this down jacket is simple and elegant, and the long down jacket not only can better keep warm, but also has a taller figure. A faint waist line at the waist can help the wearer outline the overall body proportion; It's even more convenient. With a mid-high collar or pile-collared sweater inside, plus a pair of boots, you can easily create a pair of long-legged goddess fan.

  If the weather is colder, then pair it with a fluffy magic scarf, put it on your neck randomly or carefully surround it, it will look very elegant and moving. The light pink contrasts with the milk tea color of the down jacket. The charm and tenderness are vividly displayed, and the figure is hardly picked up. It can be easily controlled regardless of the fatness. It is a very fashionable down jacket.


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