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how to wash down jacket - Huarui down jacket

Date: 21 09-2020

  Many people will have the problem of agglomeration of down jackets after washing down jackets. After washing down jackets, the clothes can be discarded, which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the warmth of the down jackets. It is recommended to lightly after washing and drying. Pat down jacket. how to wash down jacket?

Huarui down jacket

  Why do the down jackets hump after washing?

  The down jacket becomes a ball after washing. The main reason is that the filled fabrics are all fluff. The fluff is easy to flatten when exposed to water. If you rub it with your hands, the down inside will not be fully dried after washing. If it is correct, it will cause uneven distribution of the down and down inside and form a clump. For example, in the humid cities in the south, the phenomenon of down clustering is even more serious. Also, after ensuring that it is all dry, the most important thing is to pat all the fluffy balls and open them. Make sure that all parts are relatively even. If there is unevenness, it is cold. This is It’s very important. If it still can’t be solved, just wash it once. After washing, it will be fine.

  how to wash down jacket?

  1. Before washing clothes, you must be familiar with the washing method of the clothes.

  2. Use a toothbrush moistened with a neutral detergent to remove the dirt on the relatively heavily soiled parts such as sleeves or collars.

  3. If there is no way to select the hand wash mode, select the woolen washing mode.

  4. If it is a coated cloth, it will be better to turn it over and wash it.

  5. Close all the zippers. This can prevent clothes from getting entangled with each other, and can effectively prevent zipper damage.

  6. A spoonful of laundry detergent is sufficient, and it is better to use laundry detergent than powder. If there is no detergent, you can dissolve the detergent in water and use it.

  The dehydration after washing can be finished in just one minute. This is the key point. Don’t take too long for the dehydration time. Then put the down jacket in a well-ventilated place and dry the down jacket as soon as possible. . When air-drying down jackets, do not hang down jackets on a hanger (otherwise the tragedy below will occur), and place them on a flat place to air dry. If the down jacket is not too dry, you can put a dripping basin at the bottom.

  After down jacket is dehydrated, you can tap it gently with your hands or on a hanger, etc., so that the down that formed into a ball during washing can restore its volume, making the down jacket always look like new clothes.


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