What to do if the down jacket is stained with oil

What to do if the down jacket is stained with oil - Huarui down jacket

Date: 21 09-2020

  Down jacket is one of the most commonly worn clothes in winter, mainly because it is not only fashionable, but also warm in winter. However, when we wear down jackets in spring, it may appear to be a little hot, so we need to clean it before we pack it. Up. But when the down jacket is stained with oil, you can fix it and know what to do. In the past, most of us thought that big clothes like down jackets should be sent to dry cleaners for processing. One is more professional, and the other is more assured. Little does it know that the durability and warmth retention of down jackets after dry cleaning will be greatly reduced. The reason for this result is precisely because of the dry cleaning agent, which causes the oil of the down to disappear or become fragile, which will reduce the insulation function of the down jacket. So what should I do if there is oil stains on the down jacket?

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  What should I do if the down jacket is stained with oil?

  1. Toothpaste and detergent. Toothpaste and detergent are common things at home and both have the effect of cleaning oil stains. The specific method is as follows, first soak the oily area of ??the down jacket with warm water (warm water will help dissolve the oily stain), then mix the toothpaste and detergent in a ratio of 1:1, and apply it to the oily surface , Wait a few minutes and then rub it repeatedly. Oil stains can be easily removed.

  2. Gasoline cleaning. Because oil is not easy to dissolve in water, it is not easy to clean. Gasoline is organic and can dissolve with oil and it is easy to remove oil from clothes. And gasoline is volatile, so there is no need to worry about residues on down jackets. How to use: First dip a little gasoline on the greasy area of ??the down jacket and wipe it repeatedly, then wash it with detergent. Finally, rinse with clean water. Oil stain removal.

  3. The method of salt water immersion. Salt water also has a certain ability to remove oil. Instructions. Soak the down jacket in warm salt water, leave it for a period of time and then scrub with soap a few times to easily remove the greasy dirt on the down jacket. The disadvantage of this method of salt water soaking is that the soaking time is longer, and the effect is not very good if the soaking time is short.

  4. Dedicated cleaning agent. If you use a special degreasing detergent, although the decontamination effect is very good, you must pay attention to whether it will damage the clothes. Try to choose a special cleaning agent for down jackets for cleaning. Although there are many ways to clean oil stains and stains on down jackets. However, you should also pay attention to wearing down jackets, try to avoid soiling, and down jackets will not be warm if they are washed more often. If there are local stains or oil stains, other areas are still clean, try to clean locally. The cleaning method should also be cleaned according to the recommendations on the down jacket. Avoid damage to the down jacket.

  The above-mentioned "What to do if the down jacket is stained with oil stains" is the solution to oil stains. Now you know how to deal with oil stains. If you want to know more about down jacket products, you can contact us, thank you.

  How to maintain down jacket

  Choose the way of hanging and don’t fold down jackets. For daily storage, please try to choose a dry and cool environment, and make sure that the down jackets are clean. Some brands of down jackets will be given a compression bag with the clothes, but it is recommended only for temporary use. It is stored in a compressed bag. It is recommended to arrange the down jacket at a time so that it can be fully stretched and air-dried. It can be lightly tapped to make the down feathers fluffy. The down products should be dried in the sun every 3 to 5 days. When drying, you can tap lightly with a wooden stick to remove moisture and soften and extend the service life.

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