how to wash down jacket by hand

Date: 19 10-2020

  It is particularly troublesome to wash down jackets after they are dirty, because it is not easy to wash down jackets, which may cause some damage to the clothes, especially if a super expensive down jacket is destroyed in your own hands! So, how to wash down jacket by hand?

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  First, we prepare a pot of warm water, the water temperature is also warm, not too hot, add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, put it down in the bowl and soak for 10 minutes.

  Step 2: Let's brush the dirty area without rubbing it with our hands, use a soft scrub, or use a toothbrush.

  Step 3: After you clean it, you don't like to wring out the water, flat down jacket, squeeze out the water, the clothes are finished, wash the detergent with water.

  Special reminder: Do not use a washing machine to dry, because most of the down jacket surface is waterproof and poorly breathable. High-speed drying clothes will expand and generate a lot of heat in a short time, which may cause an explosion.

  Step 4: Wash the second time, now is the time to remind, drip vinegar in the water and eat rice vinegar at home. Generally, the amount of cooking (cap) is about the same, so you can reduce the taste of duck down and soak the down jacket for 5-10 Minutes, about rubbing, when dry, be careful not to twist the water, squeeze along the pattern, hang to dry.

  Step 5: Do not expose directly to the sun, the best open-air dry and cool place.

  Step 6: After drying, it is found that the clothes are very flat and not fluffy. Put down the clothes, lay them flat on the bed, and shoot the clothes with a large area of ??hangers. You will soon find that the down jacket will soon return to the initial clean and soft The appearance, and there is no smell and ugly white spots.

  If you follow the above methods to clean down jackets, I believe that the cleaned down jackets will appear in front of you like new ones.

  The above is "how to wash down jacket by hand", if you want to know other questions, you can contact us, thank you.


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