how to wash down jacket north face

Date: 28 10-2020

  how to wash down jacket north face?

  Hello everyone, now this season is the most suitable to wear down jackets, light and warm, but down jackets also have a disadvantage of inconvenient cleaning, especially girls, buy clothes like white and pink and other light colors, if you don’t go out Note that it is easy to smudge, girls like to clean a little stain and must wash it thoroughly. Not only is it troublesome to clean, but after a few more cleanings, the clothes will become deflated. If they cannot be restored to their fluffy state, it will naturally affect the warmth retention. Today we will tell you about "how to wash down jacket" "north face" problem, so as to ensure that the washed down jacket does not affect the thermal performance.

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  If there is only a little dust or oil stains on the down jacket, it is recommended that you do not wash it all directly. The effort will also affect the texture of the down. You can pour a little detergent on the stained area and rub it for a few times and then wipe off the oil stain with a wet paper towel. If it is dusty, you can wipe it several times with a wet wipe. If it doesn't work, see if it needs to be washed under water. For example, if the sleeve is dirty, you can clean the sleeve separately.

  Another thing to note is that clothes with static electricity will easily stick to dust. You can find a way to remove it, such as adding some softener when cleaning it.

  If the down jacket is very dirty, or the weather is warm and needs to be thoroughly washed and stored, the most suitable method is to prepare a brush. Hand wash is the best, because it is the softest, it will not spin as fast as machine washing, nor will it be damaged like dry cleaning. Clothing.

  The best way is to add a professional down jacket cleaner in the clean water. Of course, ordinary laundry detergent is also possible. Then put the clothes flat and soak in the water for a period of time. Don’t take too long. The down jacket will break easily after soaking for a long time Use a soft brush dipped in detergent to clean the stains on the surface, even if it is focused on cleaning the collar and cuffs.

  Do not knead it with your hands or stir it directly. It will easily cause the down to shift. After washing it, it will be laid flat to dry, and the moisture in the clothes will flow out. You can turn it a few times during the drying process to speed up the drying.

  After drying, the down jacket is a bit flat and needs to be restored to its fluffy. A good way is to pat it with your hands after drying for an hour or two in the sun to make the fluffy fluffy.

  Furthermore, the down jacket is more suitable to hang and dry. Sealed storage will make the fluff brittle. If there are wrinkles, it is recommended to stretch it with your hands as much as possible, and do not use an iron. This high temperature is not good for the fluff inside.

  The above is the problem of "how to wash down jacket north face". If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.


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