how to choose winter down jacket

Date: 10 11-2020

  How to choose winter down jacket?Nowadays, as down jacket customization has become a new development fashion, more and more companies are participating in the customized down jacket industry. Some of them are especially concerned about the down jacket customization quotation, because the quotation directly affects whether customers directly buy the finished product or choose the down jacket customization according to their own needs. Hangzhou Linan Huarui Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional down jacket manufacturer. Make a brief statement on several aspects that affect the quotation of down jacket customization.

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  How to choose winter down jacket?

  1. Clear the price level

  According to market surveys, there are a large number of manufacturers offering customized down jackets in the market today. The reason why many companies are at a loss when choosing custom down jackets is because the quotations on the market are different. It is very necessary to understand the relevant quotations before customizing down jackets. However, companies must also clarify the down jacket filling materials corresponding to the quotation and the corresponding style processing The complexity of the process.

  2. Clear applicable occasions

  According to the sharing of many down jacket customization manufacturers, different types of down jackets have different applicable occasions, and customers should first clarify the applicable occasions of the down jacket before customization. For example, if a customer lives in the Northeast for many years, because the northeast cold wind is extremely violent, it is recommended to give priority to choosing a long over-the-knee when choosing a customized down jacket, and different fabrics in the applicable scene will have different effects.

  3. Clear style and fabric

  Even companies choose to customize down jackets. The style is generally determined according to different personal preferences and dressing styles. Here you can refer to the corporate culture and the preferences of corporate employees.

  And the version of the down jacket factory's version of the clothing reference, to initially determine the style of the customized down jacket, and the fabric is generally down material, but the inner filling material can be selected according to comfort and price, if you want high-priced and comfortable down Material, it is recommended to choose white goose down jacket first.

  Many companies now prefer down jacket customization, because customization is not only cheaper than the down jackets sold in shopping malls, but also the quality is more reliable, which can highlight the corporate culture and increase cohesion. Nowadays, the number of people inquiring about down jacket customization has gradually increased. According to the survey feedback, manufacturers that can customize down jackets can be directly searched on the Internet. However, before customization, it is recommended that companies choose reliable down jacket manufacturers when choosing a down jacket.

  Hangzhou Lin'an Huarui Clothing Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise that integrates development, production and sales, focusing on down jackets and concurrently engaged in woven and knitted clothing. Invoking European mainstream design concepts, perfectly integrating international fashion elements and oriental aesthetics, and introducing the latest digital production equipment from Canada, it has made outstanding achievements in the domestic and foreign markets. The company and its series of brands have successively won the "China Integrity Enterprise Quality Standards Unit", "National Top Ten Brands of Down Jacket Product Quality Notarization", "China Down Credit Guarantee Logo Enterprise", "Most Popular Down Brand Enterprise", "China Famous Brand" And other honors. "Making first-class products, creating a first-class enterprise, and establishing a world brand" is the common ideal and development goal of Sailmei people. A heart of love, heart and fist, Huarui Clothing of "Princess and sincerity" warmly welcomes all friends to visit and patronize, and is willing to go hand in hand with you to create brilliant!


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