Precautions for down jacket customization

Date: 07 12-2020

  The weather is getting warmer, shopping malls outside and summer clothes are gradually on the shelves. However, many factories have already begun to rush to produce down jackets. Huarui Down Coat Factory is a professional down jacket manufacturer in Hangzhou. So what matters should be paid attention to in down jacket customization?

  More and more business groups have begun to customize down jackets for their employees. Here are a special reminder that the down jacket customization should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Cashmere content and filling capacity: You should choose the cashmere content and filling capacity that suit your needs. The down content of down jackets is generally 70% and above, which has a certain degree of bulkiness and softness. The amount of down filling relates to the warmth of the down jacket, which should be determined according to the needs of oneself.

  2. Anti-drilling down performance: The customized surface and lining of down jackets should have anti-drilling down performance. Take a shot and find that the down products with drill down must be inferior. Due to the silky nature of down, it is normal for a small amount of down to overflow from the stitches.

  3. Style: novel, unique, fit, generous, practical, detachable type is better.

  4. Resilience: Press the fluffy down jacket once and loosen it again, and it will rebound and return to its original shape, indicating that the down has good fluffiness. If the down content is low, mixed with a certain amount of wool flakes or crushed wool, the resilience will be poor, and the down jacket will feel heavy in the hand.

  5. Air permeability: Down jackets cannot be drilled down, but they must also have certain air permeability. For example, the fabrics, linings, and bladder materials of down jackets have poor air permeability. First, water vapor during wearing is not easy to emit, causing dampness and discomfort. Does not keep warm. The second is that it is not easy to dry after washing. The above two factors will cause the down to deteriorate in different degrees under damp conditions and emit a bad smell.

  6. Price: Generally, the price is moderate. If the price is too low, the inner quality of the down cannot be guaranteed, and various quality disputes are likely to occur.

  7. Accessories: There are many accessories on a down jacket, such as zippers, metal buckles, etc., whether they are beautiful, smooth, and tight.

  8. Smell: Smell it, take a deep breath in close to the down products, smell the odor inside, avoid buying products with strong pungent smell, but because it is animal feathers, it is normal to have a certain smell. Customers are particularly reminded that first, the various marks on the down jacket should be complete, such as the name of the factory, the site, the content of the fabric lining, the type and content of the down, the index of the amount of down, the washing mark, the quality level, and the execution Standard code, etc. The second is whether there are plastic films and counterfeit airtight linings in the custom lining of down jackets. Third, it should be customized by large and medium-sized enterprises with quality and reputation standards to help protect their legitimate rights and interests.

  China Women's Long Down Coat Supplier is a company specializing in the production of down jackets, with decades of experience. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America and other countries and have many foreign customers. Huarui Apparel allows the quality of each product to pass the test, so that users can rest assured. At the same time, new customers are welcome to call to discuss cooperation, thank you.


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