how to buy a down jacket

how to buy a down jacket

Date: 07 12-2020

  Winter has come quietly, and the weather has turned cold. Many female friends have begun to consider how to dress well and keep warm. At this time, down jackets are a good choice. Down jackets are not only warm but also fashionable, and are the best choice for most female friends. So, how to buy a down jacket? For this question, Huarui Clothing Factory will introduce to you.

how to buy a down jacket,down jacket

  When choosing a down jacket, we only need to pay attention to the following points to buy a down jacket that suits us:

  1. Smell

  Whether I heard the down jacket thought that a normal down jacket has the smell of poultry feathers. If it smells obvious chemical agents, it means that the process of this down jacket is not good enough.

  2. look at the certificate of the down jacket

  First of all, you need to look at the certificate of the down jacket. Look at the down jacket's down content. Once the down jacket is 90%, it is a high-quality product. The lower the down value, the worse the quality.

  3. Knead down fillings

  Use your fingers to pinch the down jacket to fill the down, and then rub it a few times to observe whether there are hairy stalks and whether it feels like a prickly hand. If there is, it means that the filled down has more impurities and poor quality.

  4. Look at the filling of down jackets

  down jackets are filled with goose down and duck down. These two types of down are also divided into white down and gray down. The price order is from high to bottom: white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, and gray duck down. Relatively speaking, the warmth of goose down is better.

  5. Press the down jacket to see its fluffy state

  Press the main part of the down jacket with the palm of your hand, then let go, and observe whether the down jacket can quickly return to its original shape. If it returns to its original state soon, it means that the down is relatively fluffy and has a good warmth retention effect. On the contrary, it means that the quality of the velvet is poor and the warmth retention is not good.

  6. Knead the fabric

  Knead the whole fabric with your hands, paying special attention to the thread end of the fabric to see if there is velvet or feather silk coming out. If there is, it means that the sealing of the fabric is not good, and the quality is not good.

  The above introduction is "how to buy a down jacket". Down Coat Supplier Huarui Clothing Factory is a professional down jacket manufacturer integrating design and production. Its products are sold to dozens of countries and regions in Europe and America. Welcome customers and friends to call or email to contact We discuss cooperation, thank you.


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