Black down jacket with a variety of styles

Black down jacket with a variety of styles

Date: 14 12-2020

  If you can only choose a warm jacket in winter, then many people will choose black down jackets. Because the warmth effect of down is beyond doubt, it is not to say that other items do not have such a degree of warmth. Because down is warm and very thin, it is relatively more practical and very popular in winter. Needless to say, the black series is a classic color that is versatile and thin and outdated, so the matching of black down jackets can make a winter fashion look. If you can only choose one single product, it must be him. Let China Down Coat Supplier Huarui explain the charm of black down jacket with a variety of styles below.

Black down jacket with a variety of styles,Black down jacket

  1. Carry black to the end

  The most notable feature of black down jackets is the color. We can extend the black line to the end, because black is a versatile color, so you can't go wrong with other items in black.

  For example, with a pair of black trousers, the classic look is not to be missed. Wear a black sweater inside to complete the winter match. The simple basic style can be worn by anyone without worrying about being outdated.

  2. Black down jacket and jeans

  It has to be said that the combination of down jacket and jeans complements each other, and both items are attributes of casual design, so there will be no obvious conflict in the style of the items.

  The effect is the same with the upper body. A more casual fashion and careful machine, basic wear is enough for daily life, simple but stylish and outstanding.

  3. Fashion of fur collar and color matching

  Most down jackets will have a fur collar design, the color of the fur collar will be different due to different styles. For example, the fur collar of this black down jacket is the most classic brown coffee color, which is much gentler with the characteristics of earth color.

  Therefore, when matching other items, you can also refer to the color matching of the fur collar, and use brown as the main color to add an elegant and fashionable matching style.

  4. Black down and layered wear

  The interior is not to be underestimated. In a warm interior, fashion depends on the interior. Therefore, the inner layering can not only ensure warmth, but also ensure a sense of fashion.

  5. Down jackets and skirts

  The attributes of black down jackets are more neutral, and they are a single product that both boys and girls can wear. We can reverse its attributes by matching the skirt to make the whole match look more gentle.

  For example, matching a skirt is a good choice. The skirt is a single product that represents women, and you can wear it with an elegant femininity.

  6. Black and pink fashion

  Black and pink are two completely different camps. One is a neutral style with no attributes, and the other is a sweet and lovely feminine style. The two different colors are very outstanding in the same matching style.

  Because black can neutralize the sweetness of pink, and pink can break the dullness of black, the two are complementary.

  7. Black down jacket and sweater

  If the black down jacket does not change its tone, then we can continue the style.

  So matching a sweater is a good choice. It perfectly shows the coldness and leisure of the dark color. It is more suitable for daily life with the upper body, and it does not pick a figure at all. A set of collocations that the student party can control, casual fashion and temperament.

Black down jacket with a variety of styles,Black down jacket

  8. Loose down and straight pants

  From the perspective of tailoring, the down jacket can be selected as a looser bread version, which is more inclusive and can hide the flesh on the body.

  The matching straight-leg pants are in sharp contrast with the loose-cut bread clothes, so the whole set can be matched with temperament, but it will not appear bloated.

  9. Down jacket and scarf

  The black down jacket has a big fur collar and hat, which is warm enough, but it is not enough in the cold north, we need to add accessories at this time.

  For example, the scarf is a warm and fashionable item, and the gray scarf and the black down jacket complement each other. The color scheme is harmonious and high-quality.

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