How to match women's clothes

How to match some women's clothes to look good

Date: 27 07-2020

  As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, beauty depends on pretty clothes. The diverse world of clothing gives girls a certain level of confidence. Maybe they are not eye-catching or outstanding, but it is not difficult to be generous and clean. Like choosing a jumpsuit that suits you, you can walk directly on the rivers and lakes without worrying about matching. How to match some women's clothes to look good?

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  How to match clothes with dark skin?

  1. First, if you can't wear bright clothes, your skin will turn black;

  2. Don't wear badly colored clothes, which feel dirty.

  So, how to match it?

  In addition to white and black gray, blue gives people a sense of calm, calm, and coolness, and can be said to be the most psychologically accepted color.

  The secret to a well-groomed color match

  1. Coffee color matching: blue-green, beige, yellow, brick red;

  2. Red: white, black, beige, gray;

  3. The combination of yellow: purple, blue, white, brown;

  3. Green components: white, beige, black, dark purple;

  4. Fan match: black, white, gray, beige;

  5. Light blue matching: white, light gray, light purple, miso red.

  How to wear red clothes to be more beautiful?

  1. The fate of choice and black (because black is an eternal classic);

  2, choose red clothes with lower color (because skin color is not chosen);

  3. Choose white single product interior decoration (because white can neutralize bright red).

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  is all white and actually looks like a girl.

  Powder lavender: not only the sweetness of pink, but also the romantic feeling of purple, the two complement each other, giving people a gentle and comfortable feeling

  can choose the color matching with pink, white and black.

  Clothing color season to harmonize hair

  1, spring: turn into bright colors;

  2, summer: based on vegetarianism, it gives people a cool feeling;

  3, autumn: intermediate colors are mainly;

  4, winter: colorful and gorgeous.

  What color clothes can I wear to lower my age?

  1. If you are not good at matching, try to avoid colorful and complex styles. The simpler you can achieve the desired effect;

  2, wear more light-colored clothes, soft and elegant tones, fresh youth;

  3. Striped shirts, suspenders, denim coats, etc. You can choose multiple items for daily wear.

  The color is right, it looks good no matter how you wear it

  1, wine red: precipitation texture, with black and gray;

  2, camel color: natural and elegant, with white and black;

  3, lime green: low-key surprise, matching: gray, black;

  4. Black: permanent classic, matching style, suitable for all colors.

  The next 4 colors support half of the autumn outfit.

  1, purple: dreamlike and sweet romance;

  2, green: refreshingly set off the skin;

  3, orange: vibrant youth fashion;

  4. Fans: feminine girly heart.

  color matching

  1. Obese people: dark green, dark blue, dark black, etc., suitable for dark clothes;

  2, thin people: suitable for wearing warm colors such as red, yellow, orange;

  3. Bodybuilders: Light-colored dresses are very suitable for summer, so make a little decoration with the tights.

  Have you learned the above little knowledge of clothes matching? Huarui clothing customization company reminds you that if you want your clothes to be perfectly combined with you, you can find us, and we will solve your problems for you.


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