How to wash off the mildew on the down jacket

Date: 17 08-2020

  How to wash off the mildew on the down jacket?

  As the weather is getting colder, the beauties are also constantly wrapped in thick down jackets, but suddenly they find that many down jackets stored deep in the cabinet are moldy. These mildew spots not only affect the appearance of clothes, but also bad for the body if they are not removed in time. So what should I do if my down jacket is moldy? How can I wash off the mold when the down jacket is moldy? Huarui Garment Company is here to help everyone today, and easily fix the problem of mildew on clothes.

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  The problem of mildew on down jackets is mainly due to dampness, and the mildew on the clothes is not maintained in time. You should pay more attention to it when cleaning. First, you need to clean locally and choose a concentrated and mild laundry detergent. Liby Laundry Essence is used here, and two drops of laundry essence are pre-coated on the stains, so that the detergent can fully penetrate into the clothing fibers, and rub it with appropriate force to make the stains on the clothing better emulsified and suspended by the detergent. Rinse with clean water, stains can be easily removed.

  Be sure to hand wash first when cleaning, because the down jacket material is special, 90% of the down jacket maintenance and washing labels will indicate that it should be hand washed, and dry cleaning should not be avoided, because the dry cleaning syrup will affect the warmth retention and also make the fabric aging. Machine-washed and spin-dried down jackets can easily lead to uneven fillings, which will make the clothes out of shape and affect their appearance and warmth retention.

  Secondly, wash it with warm water, first soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to make the down jacket fully moist inside and outside. Dissolve the detergent in warm water, soak the down jacket in it for 15 minutes, and gently scrub with a soft brush. The moldy area can be brushed several times until it is clean. Finally, rinse it with clean water and dry it, and pat it smoothly. Remember not to scrub. Rinse should also use warm water, which can help the detergent to be fully dissolved in the water and make the down jacket rinse more clean.

  Why use Liby Laundry Essence? Because Liby Laundry Essence has the effects of automatic directional stain removal and dual anti-stain deposition, it can automatically decompose stubborn stains in 3-5 minutes. The dual protection factor adopted can capture 0.002 mm of stain residue during cleaning to prevent secondary adhesion and whitening effect. Increase by 40%.

  As a neutral detergent, Liby Laundry Essence has little damage to clothing and down. If you use alkaline detergent to rinse it, the residual detergent will damage the down jacket and easily leave white on the surface of the clothing. Traces affect the appearance.

  After cleaning, you can put the down jacket in the sun to dry, generally around 15-20 degrees, but do not expose it to too long. Please try to choose a dry and cool environment for daily storage, and make sure that the down jacket is clean. If you do not use it for a long time, it is recommended to tidy up the down jacket at a time, let it fully stretch and air dry.

  How to wash down jacket moldy?

  Liby, upgrade from laundry detergent to laundry essence, containing 7 kinds of essence and 3 heavy stains, we no longer have to worry about how to wash off mildew spots because of moldy down jackets. Its 72-hour long-lasting fragrance is also a favorite place for beautiful girls. The European patented fragrance lock technology allows you to experience different fragrances of front, middle and back notes. If the mildew is gone, and you can harvest a clean and fragrant down jacket, wouldn't it kill two birds with one stone?>>>Learn more about products

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