What clothes to wear in summer

What clothes to wear in summer is better

Date: 13 07-2020

  In the hot summer days, there are many cool clothing styles for women to choose from, and short skirts are the most popular among them. It has the simplicity of shorts and the elegant temperament of skirts, so wearing short skirts is a very good s Choice.

  After wearing a short skirt, you can feel the cool and breathable, and it can also show the elegant temperament of the woman. Today, let Hua Rui editor introduce to you several fashionable short skirts to wear. The more classic and versatile styles can be well matched with other styles of clothes.

Black shorts + blue shirt

  Black shorts + blue shirt, cute and pure

  The first set I introduced was shorts, but I didn't lose it to a short skirt. Black shorts are relatively generous styles. They look a bit like short skirts. Women with such generous styles are more petite and cute.

  The pure black shorts on the lower body, then the upper body can be matched with a more delicate top. The top in this suit is a blue shirt. The dark blue shirt has white borders on the neckline and sleeves. Distinguish the pure temperament, it seems that the whole temperament is clean and pure.

  The shirt is also dotted with many white stars, with a little freshness, making it more elegant and chic. Then tuck the shirt hem of the upper body into the shorts, cleverly sketch out the slender and tall figure, and also highlight a pair of slender and beautiful legs.

  wears a pair of burgundy high-heeled sandals on his feet, which looks extra elegant and elegant, adding a touch of mature femininity to the overall freshness and sweetness.

  Pink short skirt + white short sleeves, casual and sweet

  Pink often gives people a sweet dreamy beauty, many girls like the color of pink powder, but pink is not a good color to match, then Asang brings you a set of pink short skirts for you to do in summer Sweet little fairy.

  This pink short skirt is a powder that is partial to raspberry. The color is darker and has both sweet dreamy beauty and elegant temperament. The A-line skirt is thinner and does not pick up the figure. The pink short skirt has delicate small patterns on it, which is even more playful.

  The upper body is matched with white short-sleeves. The white short-sleeves are printed with simple black patterns on them. They are not monotonous, and the simple patterns have a unique and cute feeling.

  wears a cap of the same color as the short skirt on the head, which can not only match the color of the skirt with the short skirt, but also very lining the skin tone, showing a fair complexion, and even a little delicate beauty.

  Black short skirt + dark coffee color shirt, stylish and elegant atmosphere

  The last set is an elegant summer skirt, black skirt is a more classic and versatile style, black leather pants add a little more handsome, looks like a cool girl.

  The upper body is paired with a dark coffee-colored shirt, which can often give a mature and calm feeling. The lapel design of the shirt and two relatively large pockets make the clothes look more fashionable and stylish, and at the same time give a high-class temperament of an elegant mature woman.

Huarui clothes

  Both dark coffee and black are biased towards dark colors, and the calm style looks more elegant and gentle.

  wears a black beret on his head, which can not only modify the face, but also add a bit feminine temperament. On the feet are a pair of red boots that look extraordinarily eye-catching, handsome and fashionable.

  Today, the short skirts introduced by Hua Rui editors for everyone can be said to be very suitable for the hot summer. It is fashionable and cool and comfortable to wear. I don’t know which style you are wearing. Please contact us if you have any questions. we.


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