What clothes to wear in summer

What clothes to wear in summer look better

Date: 13 07-2020

  Summer is a season full of happiness and charm, especially when women want to be beautiful in terms of dressing, then women must work hard to wear clothes if they want to overcome the temperament and charm. The earth improves femininity. There are many styles of clothing in summer. You must choose the style that suits you and match your own style, so that the overall image is greatly improved. How to dress and match in summer to be more fashionable and temperament? The following editor will share with you the exquisite dress, simple atmosphere, full of high-level elegance!

Jacket clothes

  1. Loose shirt with loose trousers

  Loose clothing is suitable for both standard body shape and special body type. It is very inclusive and comfortable to wear. It can cover up body defects well. It can be thick waist, hips, thick legs, etc., to make the figure more perfect.

  2. Shirt skirt with high heels

  Blouse skirt is a dress style formed by the connection of the upper body shirt and the lower body skirt. Its characteristics are classic and capable, the simplicity of its own shirt, and the elegant and romantic sense of the skirt. Just wear a pair of fashionable high-heeled shoes and walk on the street to make a full return.

  3. Knitted T-shirts with various skirts

  Knitwear with skirt is definitely a very classic wear. The soft stretch knitwear is comfortable and not tight. It is feminine with a variety of skirts. For a perfect figure, you can choose to wear a straight hip skirt. If you have a wide hip and thick legs, wearing a long A-shaped skirt will be more elegant and charming!

  4. White shirt with various trousers

  White shirts are very popular in summer, refreshing and clean, and very dazzling. The white shirt is paired with black wide-leg pants, and the black and white are distinct. It is particularly eye-catching. The wide footsteps are full of movement, and they are the focus of attention wherever they go. It is more suitable for a standard figure with the nine-point pencil pants. It perfectly shows the charming legs. The length of the nine-point is exposed at the ankle. The feet wear high heels, which are thin and tall, and show their own advantages.

  5. High waist jeans with shirt or sweater

  High-waisted jeans can lengthen the proportion of the legs, giving a more beautiful visual sense. Straight trousers are almost as wide as the knees, and the trousers are straight, giving a neat and stable feeling. The wide-leg pants have a slightly larger foot opening, which makes them walk well, and can also modify imperfect legs. The fashionable and classic X-flare pants have been popular from the 70s and 80s to the present, which is enough to show that they are really fashionable and beautiful! All kinds of jeans with trousers can wear a different style with a sweater or shirt.

  6. High-waist A-line umbrella skirt with short-sleeved shirt

  A-line umbrella skirt is a very romantic, gentle and feminine skirt type, and it does not pick people, easily shape a perfect body, hips, thick legs can be worn. Floral element skirts are best paired with solid color short-sleeved tops, and the "fancy" eye-catching florals on the lower body are paired with simple solid color tops to coordinate and give a more beautiful visual sense. Conversely, floral shirts with solid color skirts can achieve the beautiful effect of complexity and simplicity. Put the blouse into the skirt, so that you can reveal the high waist, smart and temperament.

  Ok, the above models are enough for female friends to wear. If you still want to know other problems, you can contact us, thank you.


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