What down jacket to wear

What down jacket to wear

Date: 14 08-2020

 What down jacket to wear

     Speaking of autumn and winter's most practical popular single products, down jacket is definitely the first.But the combination of down jackets always makes a lot of beauty-loving sisters feel troubled, want to wear warm, but the down jacket's expansion is very headache. Keeping warm and not puffy become the two most important points of dressing, find a way to balance the two is the top priority.

     How to wear down jackets both warm and thin, shake off bloated and earthy, first of all you have to learn how to pick a good down jacket.

 What down jacket to wear?

1、Short down jacket

     Whether you're fat or thin, short-term inclusion is strong. Especially small, short down jacket is particularly suitable for petite girls, wear up to show height, both warm and high.

2、Medium-length down jacket

      Medium-length down jacket warmth can be a bar, but the height is not enough to try to avoid the choice of medium-length, the whole person will look very bulky, wear out the effect is disastrous. Length is generally selected in the best above the calf.

3、Waist-style down jacket

Slim waist down jacket, not only thin, in the visual improvement of the waist line, but also a high role

down jacket

4、Straight down jacket

      In recent years, the more popular profile jackets, generally medium-length style. The straight coat is a long-lasting neutral in a silhouetted coat. Wide fall, so to skeleton a larger body to support up, do not recommend petite girls to choose this one.

5、Light and thin down jacket

      Light and thin model is a more popular style in recent years, generally favored by girls, light not bloated, not only to reduce the sense of expansion, but also particularly fashionable, casualwear can have a feminine taste. Suitable for winter in the south and late autumn in the north.

Teach you how to wear clothes without bloat

1、Upper body loose lower body tight

     Down jacket will make the upper body appear more bloated, so the lower body should choose a close style, so that the upper and lower body to form a sense of dislocation, used to emphasize the whole person's sense of line. Otherwise, the overall combination gives the impression, like a clumsy mule.

2、The inner lift needs to be close

      Down jacket relative to other clothing on the thick, so in the choice of the interior as far as possible to close the money, reduce the feeling of bloating. And the close style can also better keep warm.

3、High-heeled boots

      Whether it's a long or short down jacket, you can pair it with high-heeled boots. Choose and leggings with the best color line, invisibly elongated legs, more tall and thin. Light and thin down jacket is the big hot in recent years, the upper body is light and comfortable, in the weather is not up to the coldest time, light and light is definitely the best choice. This high-end nylon fabric, filled with 90% white duck velvet, warm and fluffy, light and type. The profile of the small short special model, upper body effect super age-reducing.



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