What to do if the down jacket is bloated

Date: 31 03-2021

  As the weather gets colder and colder, most people start to wear down jackets. Down jacket is a must-have item for autumn and winter, whether it is in the north or the south, everyone needs to use it. There are many styles of down jackets, and you need to choose different down jackets according to your own different characteristics. Many girls think what to do if the down jacket is bloated, but they don't know how to solve this problem.


What to do if the down jacket is bloated


  Some down jackets may indeed look bloated on the upper body, but not all down jackets will have this situation. Choosing the right down jacket can reduce this occurrence. But choosing a down jacket is not enough. You need to know how to match it. Otherwise, the upper body effect of the same down jacket is also very different. So how do you choose a down jacket? Let Huarui Clothing Factory take everyone to take a look.


  1: The length of the down jacket


  When choosing a down jacket, length is a very critical factor. The length of down jackets for people of different heights is also different. In order to keep warm, some small girls choose an extra-long down jacket. In this way, the upper body will give people a very strange feeling, and the whole person will appear smaller. Even tall girls find it difficult to control a long down jacket.


  Because a down jacket that is too long is not only not very convenient, but also makes the whole person look very clumsy, so it is not recommended that you choose a down jacket that is too long. If you prefer a long down jacket, it is recommended to choose the length to the calf. The down jacket in this position can give people a feeling of being pulled up visually, making people look taller. And down jackets of this length will not make people feel strange and clumsy.


  If you prefer a cute style, you can choose a slightly shorter one, a little above the hips or the middle of the thighs. These two lengths will make the whole look more lively and playful. However, short down jackets are more picky. If it is a pear-shaped figure, it is recommended to buy a slightly longer down jacket, which can better maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses. If the lower body is relatively thin, you can still try a short down jacket.


  2: The sense of expansion of the fabric material


  Most down jackets on the market are divided into two types, one is more inflated, and the other is less inflated. Both types of down jackets have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want down jackets to be less bloated and look thinner and more flexible, then it would be better to naturally choose down jackets with less inflatable feeling. Such down jackets are also easier to control. But if you prefer a fluffy feel, or a more cute feel, you can choose a more inflatable feel, but this way the down jacket will look bloated.


  3: Parker selection


  Pai overcome is also a kind of down jacket, but when everyone chooses Pai overcome and choose ordinary down jacket, the focus is different. Because the pie overcame the whole feeling, it was different from the normal down jacket. Pi overcomes will be more neutral style, and the overall feel of Pi overcomes is more handsome and cool. Therefore, when choosing a school to overcome, we must remember not to choose a school with a strong sense of man. This will make people feel very strange.


  The second thing is to choose the fur collar that the pie overcomes. The fur collar is a bright spot for the pie to overcome. Most of the pie to overcome will have a fur collar. Some fur collars will make the whole clothes look a lot of atmosphere, but if the fur collar itself looks very inferior, it will lower the grade of the whole clothes. Therefore, when choosing the faction to overcome, not only should pay attention to the faction itself, but also the texture of the fur collar, because the fur collar itself is an existence that greatly affects the texture. The choice of fur collar is good, the whole clothes will look a lot of atmosphere, and the fur collar is not good, even if it is very expensive clothes, it will make people feel like a stall.


  If the down jacket is not selected well, it will indeed make the whole person look very bloated, but this does not mean that the upper body of the down jacket must be bloated. The key lies in how to choose your own down jacket. Different styles of down jackets are suitable for different people. So when choosing a down jacket, you must choose more styles. Don't just pay attention to whether it is warm or not.


down jacket



  Summary: The above three ways to choose a down jacket are still more practical, but in the process of choosing, you still have to try on your upper body, so that you know whether you are suitable for such a down jacket. When choosing a down jacket, the biggest taboo Just choose the style you like instead of choosing your own suitable style. Although the clothes are worn by themselves, they are shown to others. If you dress very differently from yourself, or even the down jacket is bloated, it is also a very embarrassing thing.


  "Clothes are not expensive" is an account based on sub-categories to help problem users solve their selection difficulties and provide solutions. The original intention of creating it is because I believe that beauty is a kind of belief, and it is a process of mutual learning to treat various selection difficulties through methodology.


  What I have introduced for you above is "What to do if you wear down jackets that are bloated". If you want to customize a style that suits you, or want to know different styles of dressing skills, please email us and China Down Coat Supplier will design it for you A down jacket suitable for your style, allows you to show your natural beauty, thereby removing the bloated feeling, and giving you a stylish and beautiful appearance.


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