down jacket are classic but not outdated

3 colors of down jacket are classic but not outdated

Date: 15 07-2020

  In this cold winter, apart from the down jacket, there is nothing to protect the ladies from the wind and cold. The down jacket is warm and not heavy, and it can "lighten the burden" for winter without appearing very bloated. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the color selection of the down jacket. If you choose the wrong color accidentally, after the wrong match is made, it will make you become aunt in seconds. So what color does the down jacket choose? These three colors are very classic, not only fashionable but also very white.

black down jacket

  Down jackets with no sense of design and exaggerated colors often give people a tacky feeling, and they will also look very old-fashioned. The choice of color is particularly important. If the color selection is not good, it will not only make the skin darker, but also make the age more than a few years. So what are the three colors? Come and have a look with the editor!

  1. Black

  Classic black is a color that never goes out of fashion. Because black is very good for skin, it has a brightening effect. And black is very accommodating and has a sense of dignity. Because black is very versatile, black not only occupies the C position in the fashion circle, but it is also the easiest to wear a color with a big brand temperament. However, many people will feel that the black is too dull and feels very untextured. Therefore, the editor recommends that you can choose bright black, or choose a black down jacket lined with brighter colors, looks like the fashion index will be higher.

  Regardless of whether it is tall, short, thin, and thin, the black down jacket can be easily controlled. Huarui clothing recommends that women with fat body can choose black down jacket, which will look very thin. And for the beautiful women with darker and yellower skin, it is the first choice, and the control is completely stress-free. When wearing a black down jacket, with a single product with polka dots or black and white patterns, it can easily reduce the weight of black, and it can also play a neutral atmosphere and brighten the sense of color Effect.

  2. White

  The main color of winter is white, and the white down jacket is low-key and eye-catching. So the white down jacket is the most attractive down jacket in winter. Wearing a white down jacket walking on the street, showing the noble and elegant feeling. Just like a pure and naive angel, and white will not cause visual fatigue like other colors, but it will also give people a comfortable and durable feeling. Because the white down jacket is not only very versatile, it will also enhance the overall shape of the grade, showing a high sense of quality.

white  down jacket

  For white down jackets, beautiful women of any skin color will not step on the thunder. Because white is not easy to show black, and it does not pick the skin color, girls of all ages can wear it, showing white and reducing age. If matched with a warm scarf, it will not only enhance the temperament of the whole person, but also appear more elegant. And white, whether it is with a flowing skirt or handsome and smart jeans, does not violate the sense at all, and it can give people a fashionable and temperament.

  3. Red

  Although red will give people a grandiose feeling, red down jackets will not do this, so you can wear it with a casual look. Because red has always been a symbol of celebration and vitality, it can not only reduce age but also play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Although red was once considered old-fashioned and very earthy, there are many fashion bloggers who love it because it is not only Zhang Yang but also enough to attract attention.

red down jacket

  And Hua Rui editor believes that for girls with yellowish skin, red may be the only suitable bright color. Because red can just neutralize the dark skin of beautiful women. If you think red is too gorgeous, you can choose to match a pair of black pants to show youthful vitality. Or you can choose to wear a diamond velvet skirt, which is both youthful and sophisticated. The beautiful women can match according to their own preferences, no matter which kind of combination can easily attract people's attention.

  After reading the above three colors summarized by Huarui Clothing, are you beautiful ladies? If you think these three colors are good, you might as well try it. I hope you have always been at the forefront of fashion. Well, today's sharing is here, if you have any other questions, please contact us, thank you.


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