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Women's windbreak

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Women's windbreak

Women's windbreak


  Common methods for men and down jacket women to measure various parts:
  Waist: The thinnest part of the waist surrounds horizontally for a week.
  Bust: The tape measure surrounds the chest horizontally at the fullest position.
  Hip: Wrap around horizontally at the most plump position of the hips.
  Total length: represents the "number" of work clothes, measured vertically from the head to the heel.
  Shoulder width: Measure from the apex of the left shoulder bone's outer end to the apex of the right shoulder bone's back.
  Waist section: The general figure can be calculated according to the overall height. When encountering a special figure, you need to measure the size of the front and rear waist sections, that is, measure a tape measure at the thinnest part of the waist horizontally.
  Length: From the left neck of the front body, the required length is measured through the highest point of the chest, generally depending on the style characteristics. Sleeve length: From the apex of the left shoulder bone to the tiger's mouth, increase or decrease the length according to the style.

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